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If you are after moulds for electric motorcycle, plastic furniture, daily commodity. Please

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Let our experts make your moulds

We offer professional,full service mould design,test,OEM.

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Do you have a big idea?

If you have any idea,no matter normal or creative, please let us know, we would like to work with you to turn it into reality, from ideas to sketches, to computer design, to the solid model, to the mold, to the sample, and finally to the satisfaction of the product.A big idea,maybe a big success

Do you have a sketch/drawing

If you have only a draft design, it does not matter.To transfer a draft to a computer design is one of our expertise. If you already have a computer design, it is much easier, We will assess the difficulty of making the product, suggest to modify, and ultimately achieve your satisfaction.

Do you need a plastic mould

If you have a plastic product needed imitation and producing, please contact us,we will copy the product to a mold. After molding, our mold test workshop will create samples. If you need OEM, our production workshop will complete production, packaging and delivery.

Do you need OEM

If you have a mold, which needed to do small or mass production, please contact us, our professional OEM production team will help you complete the small or mass production, packaging, customs declaration, transport. You give an order, we do all for you by full effort.

From an idea to a design, to a mould, then to a product, so simple process. Put into reality, behind innovative ideas is high technology and complex production process. With Iplasticmould, we help you succeed.

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no matter it is a phone call, SMS, e-mail, skype, msn, will be replied shortly.

Travel arrangements

Creative Mould Limited(CML) is located in eastern China, close to Shanghai and Ningbo City.
If you visit CML, you can take an international flight to Shanghai Pudong International Airport, and then call us or send email in advance, we will organize your trip.
If you have been in China, you can take high-speed rail to Taizhou high-speed rail station, and then call us, we will arrange car to pick you up. You will enjoy our arrangement.

Huangyan District, Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province, China,318020

(+86) 576 xxxxxxxx

(+86) 576


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